Stephanie Trimble


My name is Stephanie Trimble.  I’m a web development manager in the Silicon Valley.  I’m very interested in almost all things regarding web development and leadership.  I have a fascination with online social networks and have joined quite a few of them.  So, I thought that it would be great to get the majority of my data organized into one site.  This is why I created strimble.com.  Take a look around and enjoy!

A little about me…

I have a bit of a quirky sense of humor, which helped me and a couple of friends create SXSW Scurvy after being infected with a virus while at SXSW ’08.

I have the cutest and most terrorizing little dog, a rat terrier, named Ivy.

I started creating my own web sites sometime in 1996, and I’ve been working as a web developer since 1999. I’ve worked for some very fun and innovative companies, including 3Com, Yahoo, Friendster, Apple, and LinkedIn.


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